Visitor Management System

Prioritize the health and wellness of your employees with Hygieneo – Water Quality Monitoring System. Ensure safe and hygienic drinking water quality in your workplaces and built environment. 


A Feature Rich Visitor Management System


Contactless Visitor Management

Manage your workplace visitors effectively and create an excellent experience


Eco-Friendly Visitor Management

Grant access to workplace visitors with a simple QR-Code scanning system


Visitors Experience

Elevate the visitor experience in the workplace through smooth digital coordination.



Service Coordination and Orchestration

Seamless reservation of meeting room, Ordering FNB and other services required during a meeting, lost and found object.

Building healthier workplaces

With Hygieneo, repurpose your workplaces to build a sustainable and healthier indoor environment for your employees and building occupants.

Elevate Visitor Experience & Safeguard Your Workplace

Workplace Automation Made Easy

Features & Functionalities


Mobile First

User friendly mobile application with web interface

Easy Space Reservation and Service Management

Allow your employees to reserve meeting room and F&B services in a contactless manner anywhere anytime

Workplace Analytics

Trends, reports, and dashboard on workplace metrics

Data Security

World-class data security standards to protect user data

Synchronize meetings efficiently

Orchestrate your meetings with your participants via MS Outlook

Visitor Experience

Enhance visitor experience at workplace with seamless digital orchestration