Indoor Air Quality
Monitoring System


Hygieneo is a first-of-its-kind SaaS for measuring monitoring and reporting Indoor Air Quality

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Building Healthier Workplaces

Repurpose your workplaces to foster a sustainable and healthier indoor environment for your employees and building occupants.


Intermittent Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitoring


Features & Functionalities

Work-Order Based

IAQ Monitoring System is designed on a work-order-based hygiene monitoring regime


QR code-based geo-tagging of locations for taking measurements

Real-Time Data

The Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System continuously monitors indoor air quality, providing real-time data.

BMS Compatibility

Integrate IAQ monitoring platform with BMS (Building Management System)

Live Casting

Broadcasting of Indoor Air Quality monitoring dashboards in public areas for occupants

Multiple Dashboards

Building and location-specific Indoor Air Quality monitoring dashboards for seamless monitoring

Live Casting of IAQ Parameters

Hygieneo offers live streaming of IAQ parameters in public areas to reinforce confidence of building occupants about the indoor environment conditions.