SeatIn & Meetable- Workplace Seat Reservation and Meeting Room Booking

Smart solutions for workplace seat reservation and meeting room booking. Maximize efficiency and collaboration with real-time availability and easy scheduling.

Product Propositions

Mobile First

User friendly mobile application with web interface

Workplace Analytics

Trends, reports, and dashboard on workplace metrics

Data Security

World-class data security standards to protect user data

We Offer Quick & Powerful Business Solution

Contactless Seat Reservations

Allow your employees to reserve office seat in a contactless manner

Quick & Easy Space Reservations

Enable your employees to reserve a seat or meeting room of their choice from anywhere, anytime

Employee Experience

Enhance employee experience at workplace with seamless digital orchestration

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

Seamless Seat & Meeting Room Reservations


Workplace Automation Made Easy

Indoor Air Quality

Our Clients

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