Real-time IAQ Monitoring and Hygiene Solutions​

Revolutionize indoor environments with our pioneering IoT SaaS, delivering real-time IAQ monitoring and work order-based solutions for optimal hygiene.

Product Propositions

Health And Wellness

Ensure healthy, safe & hygienic indoor built environment for occupants

Health And Wellness

 Hygieneo promote a healthy, safe, and hygienic indoor environment for employees by performing proper cleaning and disinfection, ensuring adequate ventilation and air quality, and promoting hand hygiene.

Audits & Compliance

Audit-ready reports for indoor air, surface & water hygiene in the built environment

Audits & Compliance

 Audits and compliances ensure building cleanliness. Indoor air, surface, and water hygiene audit-ready reports assure regulatory compliance and occupant health and safety.

Cloud Hosted

Scalable, secure, and cloud hosted SaaS applications

Cloud Hosted

Wifi or GSM enabled IoT devices for built environment hygiene monitoring

Indoor Air Quality

Work-Order Based Intermittent Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality

Work-Order Based Intermittent Surface Hygiene Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

Work-Order Based Intermittent Water Hygiene Monitoring

Features & Functionalities

Work-Order Based

Hygieneo is designed on a work-order based hygiene monitoring regime


QR code based geo-tagging of locations for taking measurements

Real-Time Data

Hygieneo continuous indoor air quality monitoring provides real-time data

BMS Compatibility

Integrate Hygieneo platform with BMS (Building Management System)

Live Casting

Broadcasting of hygiene dashboards in public areas for occupants

Multiple Dashboards

Building and location specific hygiene dashboards for seamless monitoring

Live Cast Hygiene Standards

Hygieneo provides the option of live streaming hygiene standards in public areas for boosting the confidence of building occupants on the hygiene standards of built environment

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